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Yeshu'a  Book One 2.png
The Hidden Life of Jesus
Book One

ISBN 978-1-910125-17-5



 The Hidden Life of Jesus
 Book Two

  ISBN 978-1-910819-68-5



Yeshu'a Foreword

By Lynn Andrews

Pietro de la Luna’s series Yeshu’a: The Story of the Hidden Life of Jesus is a gift. As I first held the books in my hands the energy therein infused me with wonder and joy, uplifting and healing me. Even before I had read one word I knew the series would assist me in my transformation during this extraordinary age. Then while reading the books I felt I was being given a great gift. Perhaps this was the result of the exquisite poetic style of the writing, Pietro’s ability to transport us into exotic places and times we feel we recognize. Perhaps. Yet in my innermost heart I know it is because the series puts us directly into the story; we live and breathe the events and relationships as if we are there.

Indeed, throughout, it reveals this is our story, the story of all Humanity. Yeshu’a’s message is You are all the ones you have been waiting for. But it is this most intimate, tender voice: loving us, embracing us, understanding our every step in life that allows us to accept this, freely and without reservation. The true gift of the Yeshu’a series is we have finally given it to ourselves.

There are moments in Yeshu’a when lines like: radical trust is required of you and I am you and I cherish you truly enter our hearts and illuminate them, reopening our love-blossom, fearlessly, completely, as this energy has always been there awaiting the time when once again we accept our true divine nature.

I have always believed we are all the ones we have been waiting for. Chronicled in my Medicine Woman series, in this life I have discovered this to be true. As a shaman, a healer, a woman venturing out into the world to experience the journey, this is revealed to me. Pietro de la Luna’s ability to lovingly pierce the veil, to give us the wisdom of the heart, that we have nothing to fear in fully loving and trusting ourselves, is truly unique in my experience.

Some are calling the Yeshu’a series the highest transmission. This may be so. That it deciphers the Christian story, lovingly attending to the Divine Feminine and to the feminine within everyone and everything, surely engenders a loyal following. Yet the series’ remarkable ability to both humanize The Story, so we touch and taste, see and feel it all, and also reveal our own true nature, so that we are The Story may be its greatest virtue. The Yeshu’a series also accurately sets the stage for the transformational age in which we now live.

In its beautiful poetic style, we are invited by our higher selves to set sail on the most wondrous adventure, as Pietro says on the journey all love makes. For indeed, the rare gift of the Yeshu’a series is its tender voice allowing us to realize that we are Love.

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