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Uplifted and Healed Me

The energy transmitted through these words uplifted and healed me. Thank YOU!


The Most Beautiful Man in the World

Pietro de la Luna is the most beautiful man in the world.

Stevie Wonder

Delighted To Find This Soul Aligning Treasure


If you remember who you truly ARE, you will love this series as Yeshu'a dances through the past and present. If you wonder who you truly ARE, these books could definitely trigger feelings that resonate and assist you in your remembrance. Pietro de la Luna has a magical style of writing that lends one to experiencing oneself in the story he weaves. I was so joyous as I started reading, knowing Pietro and others know and remember what I already intuitively knew. Perhaps his tale will inspire joyous alignment with you as well? At the very least, Yeshu'a is delightfully entertaining while at the same time magically uplifting. Enjoy it in meditative bits or front to back as it suits any preferred reading style. Thank you, Pietro, for sharing your bright light!


M. Hazlewood

The Missing Parts of The Greatest Story Ever Told


Yeshu'a is an astounding journey. It's not just the events in the life of Jesus in the years before his public ministry, but a voyage into his innermost thoughts. I read these books with the feeling that the author had been there himself witnessing the events, the detail is so intimate. We learn about Yeshu'a's family and his closest friends, his teachers in Egypt and in the Essene community at Mount Carmel. And about his past lives, of which he has full memory. These are novels to be sure, but it feels like the truth to me. Any seeker of wisdom will find deep satisfaction in this series, written in a soft, melodic poetry that transports the reader into another dimension of feeling.  The author says, "You are all the ones you have been waiting for."  This series is the one I've been waiting for. Can't wait for Book Three.


Donald Sosin


A Beautifully Written Masterpiece


Such a beautifully written masterpiece, it is as if I am living within it, transported back to the moments, watching all that happens as a sacred witness, the sights, scents, and sounds etched upon my soul. Mr. de la Luna has renewed my spirit. He demonstrates poetic courage in chronicling his vision.





Say Yes To Yeshu'a


This series is an amazing and eye opening account that is so much bigger than you could ever imagine. A must read. If I had one wish for the world it would be for everyone to experience the life of Jesus as the author expresses it. What a gift to the world!!!!



I Truly Enjoyed Reading Yeshu'a

I truly enjoyed reading Yeshu'a. I love books that make me feel as though I am a part of the story.  Yeshu'a pulled me into itself from the first chapter. I recommend this series to all who seek a different viewpoint than what we have been taught of the life of Jesus.


An Affirmation of Humanity's Potential to Save the World

In today's world we are encouraged to fall to the feet of Pope, preacher, guru, philosophers, politicians, kings, queens, movie stars, and so on and so on. Pietro de la Luna's poetic series, Yeshu'a: The Hidden Life of Jesus, gives us a refreshing alternative interpretation: "YOU are all the ones you have been waiting for!" The series portrays Yeshu'a's deep respect for the Humanity he serves, encouraging that which is holy within us all to flourish. It also reveals love for the Divine Feminine, as the female participants in Jesus' life are lovingly fleshed out more fully than in the standard gospels. We found these books to be a blessing and believe you will too.

Burl and Merry Hall

The Gift of Truth

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of truth. For quite some time I have wanted to read the real story and at just the right moment the Yeshu'a series was offered to me. A thousandfold blessing upon you. In Light and Love,


Divine Truth

Beautiful. Thank you for your Divine Truth.

Michelle Lightworker

Made My Heart and Soul Sing

Truly and utterly beautiful! Made my heart and soul sing.

Princess Kelly

Thank You For This Precious Wisdom

Wow! You speak to the heart of everything. Thank you for this precious wisdom and for sharing it with the world.


Beautiful, Enlightened Masterpiece

Beautiful, enlightened masterpiece of understanding our true nature, our higher Self, our everlasting soul, the straight purity of our Heart, beloved Brother Pietro, indeed you are, because you are highlighting the Path we have to follow in order to become our better selves, exactly, good for us all, and highlighting the power of the feminine principle shows your great understanding of our inner dwellings and Human psyche, necessary in order to progress for the better of ourselves and society as a whole! Also a visionary and prophetic view makes you not only a great storyteller, but also a great enlightened humanitarian and profound teacher of our time, worthy of great attention in order to progress Humanity on a beautiful living Earth, elevating ourselves and therefore society.


Precious Words

Precious words. Thank you, Pietro. You are indeed a great inspiration to mankind. I appreciate you.


So Perfectly Depicted

So perfectly depicted, and just the way I have also felt all to be. Thank you for sharing your Love in just Being, the beauty of Absolute, Infinite Beingness.


Beloved You Are

I Love your eternal soul, Pietro, precious and beloved you are. You make the cosmos dance with great joy.



Beautiful, beautiful, extraordinary, wise! Thank you. Love & Blessings,

Lightning Bearheart

Fresh Water For The Thirsty Soul

Heartfelt thanks for what you share and express in your words; they are as fresh water for the thirsty soul. The brightest blessings be with you always. Lovingly grateful, i AM.


Beautiful Message

Thanks for this beautiful message of INSPIRATION & WISDOM.


Thank You

I am speechless. Thank you.


Thank You

You are Pure Love, Pietro. Thank you for inspiring us to be also.



Pietro's work is sublime and so true to Yeshu'a's words. I shall learn from Pietro as his presentation inspires so beautifully.


The Strength of Rose

The strength of rose, I feel this in your writing. Such peace I gain, soul brother, from your words. Blessings and my gratitude,



I Love Pietro de la Luna. He is a wonderful being of Light.


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