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Rejoice! Sublime Filament Publishing announces the Yeshu'a series is in development to be transformed into a film, followed by a streaming series, with Novacom, Hathor Studios and We Are Love in an international production partnership.

Pietro, Yeshu'a and Cristina Balan were in the news

We Are Love launch in Portugal, France, Sweden, Iceland, the UK, India, Romania, Albania, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, on Sardinia, Crete, Malta, and beyond. With joy We Are Love invite you to become a part of the transformation, knowing you truly already are.

Beloveds, with many inspired cinema luminaries the Yeshu'a film and streaming series is now in pre-production in the UK, Switzerland and Malta, in perfect divine timing. 

Precious Ones, What joy! The Yeshu'a Letters Part One, entitled You Are All The Ones You Have Been Waiting For, appears in the exquisite quarterly magazine Lightworker Advocate Magazine. Click on the link below to reach the page where you may read/download the issue. The Yeshu'a Letter appears in the Unity Section, Page 37: 

Pietro appeared with gracious Lynn Andrews on her popular radio show Kindred Spirits. Podcasts and mp3s of the conversation are available.You may also listen to the conversation directly on this audio player:


Beloveds, Yeshu'a Book One is officially a bestseller, climbing the Kindle Charts. And Book Two is here, available to order. What joy!


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Kindred Spirits - Lynn Andrews and Pietro
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