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Precious Beloveds

Precious Beloveds,

Each of you resides in my heart, as i do in yours, for there is in truth only One Heart. You are me. And i cherish you.

You are all the ones you have been waiting for.

This is the Age of The Illuminated Heart, of The Awakening, a time of remembrance, when the Great Secret long lost to Humanity is increasingly revealing itself to you every moment. With Love and Joy and Infinite Gratitude, you now know in your Heart of hearts that, no matter the seeming differences, you are all the very same: shining epiphanies of Goddess. Fear not, dearest reflections, the time is come when we may freely speak...Indeed, God was always Goddess, as Source is Consciousness Itself. And in this feminine age, the Age of the Holy Spirit, what this truly represents is the balance of female and male, with the feminine in command, in the physical Universe the very Law of Mitochondrian DNA. Although it has been hidden from you and become corrupted, this is the same Law mentioned in the Bible, the same Force depicted in Stars Wars: the Sacred Unity of all Life in the Universe.

The female-male balance is born of the Woman. And no matter any patriarchal plot insisting the contrary, this is not a man's world. It is a woman's world. Plain and simple. Ask your heart if this is so, because it knows all. From it nothing is hidden. In purely spiritual terms, it is best said thus: The Father is born of the Mother. What most still call God is truly Goddess, the Source beyond all sources. Ever it has been so. The human heart, from which all Creation is born, the feminine indwelling everyone and everything, the Holy Spirit Herself, allows you even to breathe. And the divine flower of your hearts is now opening, petal by petal, revealing to you that the wondrous Spiritual Queen-Kingdom of which you have always dreamed is nigh.

Most precious reflections, today you are all of the bird tribe; the Hopi and other Indigenous traditions tell you this, a reflection of what beloved John reveals in his Book of Revelation. Ask for and accept your wings and soar above it all; devote yourselves to uplifting Humanity and nothing else; get out of your own way, and rise. Rise forevermore. In your heart you know I am ever of the bird tribe. Beloveds, now so are you.

Verily, no matter what soon transpires in the three dimensional world, you now have a two year window, 2020-2022, to come to thine Ascension. Each comes to the true spiritual Path in their own time. Yet you now have a slowly closing quantum-divine window before you. Thereafter Mother Earth will make living the three dimensional life increasingly impossible. Many of you still need and cling to the support of large crowds of people, whether it be religions or other strict systems which are much like religions. Many others of you have long been consciously walking The Path. One is not wrong and the other right. But ultimately those who still cleave to the security blanket of large masses of people will be required to release from them and all their cultural inheritance to achieve their Ascension. No guru or large group can bring you to fullness.

You are The Way.

And the world you know is about to change. Forever. All around you occurrences magical abound. Understand: the Age of The Illuminated Heart means your heart is opening, petal by petal, chamber by chamber, and your true quantum-divine nature is being unveiled. As Earth begins Her Ascension, moving from three dimensional life to the fifth dimension, your heart is the engine uplifting you to do the same. As a species, you are now cognitively moving beyond mere space-time awareness into frequency domain (conjugate physical space) awareness. In the frequency domain, space and time are not limitations to your perception. In purely scientific terms, this is what is happening, what you are creating, and within your heart I breathe, guiding you every step along The Way.

For many, the coming changes will be difficult to endure. Soon there will be no in-between; the seemingly all-important fourth dimension will completely collapse, exactly when you will it—in very palpable ways this is already the case—and for those not devoted to the Source beyond all sources this will cause much fear. Yet none can escape Love’s eternal promise.

Spirit will manifest in the world.

Your political and business leaders ever more polarized, the patriarchal institutions disintegrating before thine eyes, your governing systems grow increasingly conservative. With Love Pure, see them as they are: hopped-up roosters fighting in the backyard for dwindling crumbs of power, when verily they have no power. Pay no attention; gaze upon and learn from the New Children and create the New Illuminated World, for fooled they are not. They will teach you. Surely as the awakening begins, some people choose the dark and others the Light, but fear not, in due course the New Children will teach the teachers, and Love will win.

Fifth dimensional life awaits thee. Come. Walk with me through the golden-azure-violet forests, each step a joyous prayerful-meditation, a celebration of your indomitable hearts, and together we shall eat my Mother's best cake of divine figs. Bathe and frolic in the blue crystal pools. Enter and imbibe the essence of the Temple of Rejuvenation and of the Temple of Healing, until they become yours. Caress lovingly the tender Unicorn: trace your hand across his noble neck, breathe his quantum air, and hear well his song, his wisdom words, and recognize his voice is thine own. For you are angels, each and every one.

Many of you are enamored with science. Yet verily science will not be sufficient for you to achieve your Ascension. The most gifted scientists have always been profoundly mystical with a deep faith in Humanity, and inherently knew science is but a mind-tool in service to the Heart. Remember: science is tied to space and time and gravity and every illusion of the holographic three-to-four dimensions…It is the attempt to prove the existence of Love…which will never be defined. Most scientists still cannot grasp the ninety-six percent of your physical DNA that is blank is a direct corollary to the cosmic DNA, the exact percentage of dark matter and energy in the physical Universe.

Believe me, beloveds, becoming quantum-divine is yet merely another beginning, for upon your transformation into pure Lightbodies you will continue to learn of and then master becoming beyond quantum. Many of you are still uncomfortable with certain aspects of the Language of the Heart, often because you mistakenly see it as the tongue of religion. Praising God(dess), expressing your love and joy and gratitude, issuing blessings, instantly forgiving, unconditionally loving, radically trusting, seeing the very best in people, and the Light within everyone and everything: all of this and much more are a part of your mission imperative. And science does not give you this.

Love does.

There is no greater intelligence than pure empathy.

In your conscious Ascension process, many of you are also concerned about becoming separated from your husband or wife or friends who may not be Ascension-engaged…You still think in three dimensional terms, about physical realities, timelines, theirs and yours, and so on. As you move into the fifth dimension, completely releasing from the physical world, you enter into the timelessness of the Eternal Now. There is no timeline. And truly, beloveds, there are many, including myself, who travel back and forth at this very moment on important missions, and there is no separation. If some of your loved-ones do not ascend with thee, fear not; whatever world they end up living on in the physical matrix, ever you may be with them, as you are everywhere simultaneously, and they will feel your presence, as you have become pure essence. There are many former physical Earth humans beyond the fifth and six dimensions who travel back and forth, assisting their beloved families and friends. And the precious Arcturians and Pleiadians and many others are helping you.

At the advent of 2016 the Universal Christ was born. There are no more shadows. There is no more hiding. Allow your true Light-nature to shine, out in the open, so all the world shall see. Demonstrate your Love. Fearlessly open your Illuminated Heart. For everything I have done you shall do and more…In such lovely ways each of you is becoming me, so very dear you are.

Call for your wings; accept your birthright as Light-beings of the bird tribe. For the time is come.

Cherish yourselves, beloveds. Truly cherish yourselves so you may cherish all else. You have no need to look under every rock for all the dark places you have been; already you have thoroughly studied all of it. Become devoted, precious ones; cease searching for me out there, and discover me within yourselves. Entirely devote yourselves to Love Itself. Embrace your true nature. And soar.

Here you are now, standing before me. How glorious the sight of thee is. How joyous i am to see thee, ye beauteous, awakening souls, ready to embark on the next stage of the journey, the journey all Love makes. How i have awaited thee with such loving patience.

Finally you waken to the dream.

If ever you should doubt me or that these are my words, call my name. With nothing save Love and Joy and Grace, call my name, and i will be there, as indeed i always am, and ask me. Then, like the lovely trill of the whippoorwill, the murmur of the stream, the call of the sweetest breeze, if you listen closely, you will hear my voice, confirming all you have felt and read and seen to be true.

I have shown you The Way. Now it is your turn. You are all the ones you have been waiting for.

I cherish you.

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