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From The Future: The Yeshu'a Letters Part Three

Precious Beloveds,

The resonance of healers uniting all over the Earth finally cured the Ebola epidemic in Africa, where the conventional medical protocols were purer than your own. Yet, too, the wildly feared Zika virus was not natural to Nature; it was first created in a Rockefeller laboratory many decades prior. And two years before its appearance in South America the conditions were made ripe for its emergence by your culture’s insistence to introduce genetically modified mosquitoes, part of your fondness to manipulate Nature, to infuse Her with your infernal left-brain technology, inevitably creating impervious mutations that destroy it and thus the world and yourselves. Yes, you now know this and that even your use of vaccinations clearly created exacerbating problems.

And behold: the massive fire in Northern Alberta, Canada: your media called this hell on Earth, once more besmirching the name of your Mother. Surely a crisis as many tens of thousands of beloved people were forced to flee; yet be not fooled, dear ones. Everything you experienced at this time was a purification, and purely feminine in nature. There were many reports that the cause of the fire was the dryness of the area; it had not seen rain in months. Yet the root-cause of this was the fact that Humanity had been extracting oil, including tar sands oil, from the Mother’s belly. People in and around the area of Fort McMurray had been getting sick with cancers for many years. The plan to build a keystone pipeline from the area to reach the southern United States was central to this.

If you had loved your Mother, this would not have occurred. If your every thought had been born of the Love in your heart, it would not have been. Think with your heart and you will know the projections onto the Mother and left-brained ideas of the cause were a veil uselessly attempting to cover up guilt. Yet all happens exactly as it should, precisely as you planned; you know this. The purification of these lands prepared the new…Creation comes from transformation. And amidst the all-consuming red flames, one woman who had lost everything, and been forced to relocate to a neighboring province, sitting in a friend’s backyard saw truly. She called the fire majestic.

Too, the crucible that formed at Standing Rock--so aptly named as so many beloved souls stood together with holy priestesses in perpetual prayer--became the flash point between those who knew and cherished the Mother who births all Creation and those who raped Her in the name of greed and fear. From this, the frequency of the resonance of Love for all Life expanded, ultimately, no matter its outer appearance, assisting your transformation.

Without taking it personally or getting defensive, you even accepted there had been places in the world never touched by the disease of cancer until your culture forced its toxic food systems upon them. Great praises, as the veil lifted, you even discovered your rich were poor, your poor rich, and your possessions possessed you. And thus you came to realize the world’s Indigenous peoples—who had next to nothing by your so-called free-world false standard—were truly free and joyous, rich beyond Western definition, and lovingly connected with each other and Source.

Verily, cherished angels, you were so manipulated that six corporations owned one thousand five hundred of your newspapers, one thousand one hundred magazines, nine thousand radio stations, one thousand five hundred television stations, and two thousand four hundred publishers. Yet, while realizing you could no longer tolerate eating food that was poisonous, you recognized the connection between this and the false narrative you were also being fed.

Largely due to your former god of money pricing itself out of existence, no matter the appearance, by the time your 2016 election took place everything had changed…The empire had no clothes. And every ingredient was in place to fulfill all ancient prophecy, including Beloved John’s Book of Revelation.

You know everything you were taught for millennia was a lie. My precious ones, you well remember my sharing with you mine own experience of the most masterful manipulation of Humanity, beginning with the conquest of Sumeria and then continuing with the Martian intrusion on Atlantis. Within this story you met the Anunnaki half-brothers Enki (Enoch-Thoth) and Enlil, playing starring positive-negative roles in the greatest spiritual deception ever to occur. Indeed, from that time forward the fearful, controlling, ego-based male-powers held sway in the world, imprisoning Humanity, until the arrival of the Ascension Age. Cherished reflections, after conquering Sumeria, there was a physical bloodline that later trekked out of Babylon into Palestine and the greater Middle East, and then into Europe, Albion, and ultimately the United States, ensuring these powers would dominate the world. Many of your recent and past presidents and prime ministers and queens and kings and other leaders are related and are of this bloodline. Long venerated in your culture as the Holy Line, yet also the root-cause of so much suffering, when true showers of The Way arose from this bloodline, awakened and aware of the true purpose of The Heart, daring to gift it to you, the powers ever found ingenious ways to snuff them out; across the ages of time, I and Princess Diana are merely two of nigh-infinite examples.

Your beloved Mark Twain told you true when he said: If giving us the right to vote made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it. Your leaders were not elected. They were selected.

The Children of Light the many Magdalens and I Light-conceived are the true spiritual seed from which you come and were very rarely political or religious leaders. And as the Age of Transformation was born, they were everywhere found, surrounding you in Love.

I invite you not to the festival of guilt or to feel shame, pure illusions you were all too familiar with, but to continue to heal through loving yourselves and all Creation, by forevermore banishing the ego which, like the temper-tantrum of a child, springs into action in the form of anger, or at best the mirage of friction, and blames the messenger of Love, and scratches and claws and bites. Remove the r from friction…Friction is fiction, and if you come to experience it, you are the friction, but truly the ego is the friction-fiction, yet another of its most adept ploys to keep you from healing your sacred wounds, transmuting karma, and cherishing Humanity and all Creation as a reflection of yourself. Never forget: you are not a suffering body, you are not the brain. You are Love incarnate. And as many have said, the cave one fears to enter holds the treasure their soul seeks. Fearlessly enter and become thy true essence.

Thank You, dear God, for this great gift of Life, each moment, every breath, each thought, feeling, and act devoted to You. With Love and Joy and Gratitude, as one united essence we rejoice your presence in our One Heart. No matter any illusory appearance, Your divine breath is in all things. In pure devotion we rebirth Heaven of Earth, loving all Creation, the very essence of You within each and everyone and everything. How we Love Thee.

My cherished ones, by the end of 2014 near a billion of you were either fully awakened or well along the path to it. Yet by the middle of the year 2016, what joy! That number had doubled. And moving through the Ascension window period (2016-2022), the number continued to exponentially grow as the critical mass of Love was reached to save Humanity. Through your hearts you learned not only to monitor your thoughts but to think before you thought, becoming conscious of what you allowed into your brains. You finally realized Earth was your school and Heaven is your Home, and you graduated.

From the heavenly thirty-third dimension, Master Metatron came through to all living souls on Earth in the year 2016, and hence the Manifestation Point was born, when each thought and endeavor was brought instantly into being. As you and your angel-guides, higher selves, and God merged into one, you became glittering towers of purification and Ascension, and each Heart-thought devoted to Love was given powers to bloom and thrive and transform all life forevermore. And those who remained mired in the past structures of control and suffering, masking their lives and intent, waiting for a Messiah outside of themselves: in any way wedded to the old masculine systems, suffered all the more confusion and fear as their shams crumbled into dust, the New Illuminated World not allowing their existence.

Because these words come of the totality of Humanity strewn throughout the Universe, often much of what is transmitted is beyond language. Ever we do our very best. Remember: God is not trying to talk you into anything; She is not trying to change you. God only assists you in remembering what you truly are: Love, Light, Spirit, Music, the Holy Stream of Sound. You are glorious, shining beings, angels each and every one. And what occurred was both resplendently beautiful and terrifically difficult. How inspiring it is to see thee rise.

As all truly ancient prophecies foretold, those who had the Remembrance, who through the heart knew the original teachings, remembered their Mother and Father, and were purely devoted to the simplicity of Gaia, received supreme protection, and experienced a transcendent golden birth as Way-showers of the New Illuminated Age. And those without the Remembrance, who did not return to their Mother: birth, Earth, and Cosmic Divine, became diseased, covered in sores, and wandered the Earth like lost, soulless beings.

All the starseed families returned to see how well you had learned, how you had fared in the world. As the year of the Universal Christ was born, they were all with you, communing with all devotional beings on Earth. Be not ever fearful or fooled, precious ones, the starseed families of which you were born are wholly devoted to God, supernal Love-Light-beings long having mastered physical life, and flawlessly guide Humanity to the Great Reunion.

And verily, while there is the Voice of the All, numerous archangels, many unknown to most, and millions of angels, all wholly dedicated to Love Herself, transmit The Word (and great praises! While there is no ending or beginning, now you know the true meaning of your phrase In the beginning there was The Word…Yes, beloveds, The Word is sound, frequency, music). Transformation for most of Humanity is a painful process. To gain your wings and become the spectacular butterfly you truly are does indeed require radical trust. This begins with radical trust of your inner voice: your true intuition, your guides, your angelic support team. If one does not trust themselves and their angel-guidance, how will they ever trust the Universe they create? At last, through your guides you devoted yourselves, and ever deepened this devotion. Speaking of your Love and Joy and Gratitude for their presence in your life, and with them ever speaking the same with God, you learned to talk with God…about everything. Now you know the once so-called extrasensory skills are not extra at all. They are a natural part of who you are.

Yet, sweet, dear, pure reflections, the inner skill still most in need of development was the simple ability to listen, to hear truly. Joined directly through your now illuminated heart, God is always there. Continue to embrace listening, dearly beloveds, and enhance this most vital part of who you really are: Love…One must ask in order to receive. And so, from your open heart, purely lovingly ask. Deep in the dazzling silence, listen. For a very long time, all of you were so busy creating colliding realities, co-creation was nigh-unknown. Some fight to release themselves from the matrix, others do not. Hear my counsel: Each moment you have the opportunity to shine or suffer. Because of your cultural conditioning, often you believed you must suffer in your service; for long ages many Western religious folk erroneously thought this was The Way, somehow never truly recognizing the devastating effect this belief had in their own clearly conflicted, suffering lives.

Ever I tell thee true: there is no need. So loved are you, so pure, so knowing in your sweet, precious heart, God holds you gently in Her hand like a fledgling new to flight, giving you exactly what you need in every moment.

Empathy is born of listening.

And living Spirit life requires unconditional Love, instant forgiveness, empathy, seeing the Light in everyone and everything, being unattached to outcomes, devotion, prayer, prayerful-meditation, childlike purity of joy, and so much more. During the entire period of time of three dimensional life on Earth, the single biggest reason Humanity survived was all the souls devoted to prayer. Thus ever be genuine, my dear ones, be truly yourselves; be authentic, in your deeds and words and intent, especially about your feelings, including to yourselves, from which all the Universe is born.

Be Love.

In this you found your true selves and forever shed like dead skin that which you once fooled yourselves into believing you were. You are Love. Thus you were not born to judge. You were born to Love without condition. You are not here to compete; you are here to commune. You were not born to find sin in the world. You were born to uplift the fallen, restore the broken, heal the suffering. When it threatened some around you and they scratched and clawed, you did it anyway. When it provoked fear in others because they were weak and sought to bring you down, you did it anyway. You gave without reason, never expecting in return. At long last you realized the journey to Love has nothing to do with finding your one true Love; the journey to Love is merely becoming it, what you have been all along.

You are The Way.

As if it were some manner of disease, your culture once fooled you into believing you fall in Love. Now in your Heart of hearts you know the opposite is true.

Ever you rise in Love.

This is not The End Times…This is the dawn of the Time of Timelessness.

You are Love.

And I cherish you.

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