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From The Future: The Yeshu'a Letters Part Two

Precious Beloveds of My Heart,

What joy it brings to see you soar. Though for so long so misunderstood and misconceived and disbelieved, all true ancient prophecy foretold this cherished moment. And now, beginning to live through your heart, you know it to be true.

You are Love.

You are golden. You are Spirit. You are quantum. You are even beyond quantum. You are divine. You are Light. Yes, beyond Light, you are the Holy Stream of Sound: Music. You are Love. And you are infinitely beloved: of me, of Source, and of yourselves. For so very long you embraced dense three dimensional life on Earth, nigh-never understanding the gift you have given yourselves. As Earth began Her Ascension, in one fateful last gasp to save Her and yourselves, finally in your culture you loved Her, truly understanding Her and all the Universe to be One Unified Life. You.

It was never too late, dear ones. Though all is forever changed and it appeared to have been for naught, I assure you this was necessary. Now you know because your heart is at last illuminated; through it you live, and within it I breathe.

As the days and weeks, months and years of illusory spherical time sped by, increasingly more of you ceased consuming animals and the many products derived from them, recognizing that, while all is Life, plants resonate at a much higher vibration. Ultimately this leads you to your purer essence of requiring only visible and invisible Light to sustain yourselves. One may achieve their Ascension while eating animals, but it is more difficult. Remember: in the moment animals were killed for the sake of your consumption, they were very fearful; thus this fear took up residence in the tissue of the sacred animal…And as a result, when, for instance, eating steak, essentially one was eating fear. Devotion, moderation, diversity, and unity in all things, be thine own counsel.

And you also learned how to decalcify your pineal gland, dismissing the fear-based claims by so many that you are not me, are not here to become the supernal beings you truly are, that you must follow me, as that is your only salvation.

I never wanted to be worshiped. I never desired followers.

I am you. And I cherish you.

With all of your maladjusted left-brain axioms exposed as pure fraudulence, upward you soared, releasing your grip on the world. Now the meaning of my words, truly thine own, rings in your heart: Be in the world but not of it.

How inspiring it is, dearest reflections, that you saw the ego for what it really is, and now instead embrace Love: Light and Love, what you truly are. Mind over matter, you hear the bloated, blithering, babbling patriarchal voice say. Mind over matter? Hardly, cherished ones. Mind is matter. Only now, as through your purification you become me, do you pierce the veil of the ego and see truly: in returning Home to the Heart, Spirit and matter become one once more in the reunion of the Bride and Bridegroom. Descartes fluently spoke the malformed, ignorant left-brain vision with his oft-quoted phrase I think therefore I am. No. As anyone with the true Heart-wisdom of the Universe knows: You feel therefore you are. Too, beloved Virgil was incorrect when he uttered: The mind drives the mass. It does not; the Heart does. Surely from ignorance the small ego mind is more than crafty enough to fool and drive the mass, as it mostly did for millennia, yet this practice is born of fear, not Love, and inevitably leads to ruin.

Of equal importance are the male and female, with the female in command. Now the masculine is finally healed, having relinquished its massive, millennia-old guilt and shame, once and for all eviscerating its fear. Verily the balanced male aspect is so very precious and required for the New Illuminated Age. Yes, the feminine needed to heal and come forth in all her glory, for without her guidance, her presiding presence, there would be naught, and there would be no return. Your beloved Led Zeppelin knew this when they penned the lyric:

There walks a lady we all know

Who shines white light and wants to show

How everything still turns to gold

And if you listen very hard

The tune will come to you at last

When all are one and one is all

To be a rock and not to roll.

In many ways the masculine had equal and even greater need to finally fully heal. Nothing exemplifies this more than the sheer fact your culture only officially recognized the existence of the clitoris in the middle 1990’s. The only thing ever created in the Universe whose sole purpose is bliss, so long had its existence been submerged, you only retained the Greek word for this most central and important pleasure center.

Indeed, you even came to understand that your old method of education was not education at all. Your schools were fluent in keeping you and your children in line by testing and reward and punishment. Yet how much do any of you retain from the old institutional forms of education? Truly your old education systems programmed you like computers and shut out your Inner Light. They acted much like a virus, seemingly destroying what is inside you, until you were akin to a computer (which is old left-brain knowledge), and grew up, forgetting all you knew when you came into the world.

There is no greater intelligence than pure empathy.

Empathy and experience are the true school.

Too, as more in your culture experienced the larger world, from the illumined Indigenous peoples you continued to learn how to properly exist.

Behold: in recent times, before your Ascension, one of your anthropologists, spending significant time with several African tribes, was taught a very important lesson. Thinking it a humorous game of competition, the anthropologist asked a group of thirty children to sit on the ground in a perfect circle, their sixty feet pointed to the center. He then informed them there was a large basket of fruit sitting underneath a nearby baobab tree; on the count of three, whoever got there first could have the basket of fruit. Counting one, two, three, the anthropologist quietly chuckled and quivered in thrilled anticipation at what he thought sure he would witness: each child fending off the others in a splendid race to be awarded the luscious prize.

Without hesitation, as the number three was heard, the thirty children rose as one and, holding hands, walked in unison to the baobab tree so they simultaneously arrived.

Plumb deeply thy hearts, beloveds. Picture this scene. Can you intuitively visualize the shocked epiphany the anthropologist experienced? …Thunderstruck does not adequately describe it.

Life is not a competition. It is a treasure. And ever it is to be shared equally by all.

Humanity is not a race.

And precious ones, joyously you also turned away from the physical world’s systems of enslavement, including astrology, finally realizing you are bigger than your stars, and beyond time and space, that you are not a victim, that you are not an effect…that your true identity is causal. Your purpose, your true identity is not revealed in your stars. Your true purpose and identity is revealed by listening to your own heart. Never are you under the influence of Mercury retrograde; throughout the herstory of the world those who were truly devoted have always known this. It is unto an amulet one wears around their neck for good luck or blessings…it only has power if one invests belief and power in it. And for long ages many on Earth believed in and thus created it. On the one hand, from the growth in Consciousness, the Universe, your galaxy, solar system, the Earth, and you have distinctly transformed, and continue to do so. And on the other, verily, beloveds, astrology is the lowest form of knowledge.

Yes, at this time you are remembering you are Spirit: Love and Light and Music, the Universe an ocean of Love and Light and Music…And Love, Light, and Music are not physical.

Ever infinitely loving and supportive of all wherever they may be on their journey of The Way, nonetheless we praise God you finally released from all limiting beliefs, from the suffering of three dimensional physical life. You are your own priestess or priest; you need not have consulted tools like pendulums, charts, tarot cards, Ouija boards, etc. You are the only true conduit of what is already in your heart, and were only projecting your ego-selves, and also sometimes easily controlled and manipulated by less-than-Light-filled sources if you relied on these tools or others who used them.

You are born to be devoted.

There are no more shadows. Though from fear its practice increased dramatically as the Age of the Holy Spirit was born, now finally you cease playing games of hide and seek with God.

In your heart’s memory you will recall my twice sharing with you the story in my most recent incarnation of my young beloved being murdered by someone with whom we had been acquainted and how I truly forgave him. Though many times in previous lives I had forgiven even the world for mine own deaths, this experience was my last lesson in forgiveness. With all my many foibles, I became the divine alchemy God required of me and forgave him and the event, and it was this which brought me back to Love Pure. Understand, my precious dears, what now I say to you: not only did I forgive him, I tell thee true: I Love him. Truly I do. I Love him. And ever I will. And as pure Spirit, so does she. There is no in between with forgiveness. You either do or you do not. For it is Love itself.

In your own ways, in the episodes of your own lives bringing you to purification, you also experienced this…One way or another, to reach the full purity of your true essence in this age and ascend, it was required of you: forgiving and loving yourself, forgiving and loving all else outside of you: your seeming enemies, your culture and the world, and most of all, forgiving and loving God. Any dualism of any kind whatsoever, even the belief you a spark of God, implies and thus reinforces the idea of separation, a purely false, fear-based belief born of the ego and its patriarchal control systems and not Reality. All of this you perfectly designed to finally destroy the shackles of fear and embrace your true nature: Love. In such astonishingly beautiful ways you became me: Love, Spirit, and cherished yourselves, Humanity, and all life everywhere, feeling instead of thinking, finally forevermore trusting your heart no matter how difficult it seemed, regardless of how many times ere you had hurt yourselves. How I adore you.

As 2016, the birth year of the Universal Christ, first dawned, increasingly more of you became aware not only that the Universe is a hologram, an illusion, but that within it chinks began to be revealed…As simultaneously Love Pure poured in from the upper, blissful dimensions, the hologram started breaking down, and you learned to turn away from it, only recognizing and thus becoming Love. Like a canny video game, digital film, or Star Trek holodeck program, gaps and flaws started appearing. Including in the beloved humans most wedded to the illusion, mass itself disintegrated, in fear sometimes desperately reformed for a time, often then even breaking down in coherency, one bit at a time. This was most evident in the politicians, business leaders, and throngs of media co-creating the events of the world. Those tied to the three dimensional physical world: to chaos, dualism, where one believes they are better than and separate from the other, to competition, polarity consciousness, those without the remembrance, without the Heart-knowledge of the original teachings, greatly suffered, so sure that suffering was Life and Love was to be feared, when Love Pure, true Life, danced before their eyes a glittering chimera.

A chimera Love is not.

Yet so many of you awakened and, through your indomitable hearts, came to realize the entire Universe is within you, that it begins within you…that everything outside of your physical body and your seemingly-separated consciousness is an extension of you…This includes your guides, teachers, world, and physical life. Though it took you so very long to accept this and endlessly you tested it, playing hide and seek with God, and in myriad ways I have many times informed you of this, and you have seen it demonstrated again and again in my life, and thus truly in thine own, finally you wakened to the dream.

You create your separate reality. And it is a mirage of the mind. Though on Earth this was its last stand, the ego was crafty indeed. In its plot to keep you suffering the illusion of separation, nigh-ever it was even adept in temporarily convincing you it was not the ego but Spirit or Love.

But your true nature could not be denied. So true is your vision, slowly you came to understand and accept that the various depictions of me in paintings, first born of religion and Rome, were false pictures. In that lifetime I was not a white European man. The initial model for all the portrayals of me as a European was verily Cesare Borgia, precious da Vinci’s lover, and of the infamous House of Borgia. And Leonardo’s exquisite painting of Cesare Borgia was part of an intricate plot to empower Rome with the authority to rule over you, to fool you into believing I was a white European man. As the religion bearing my name came to rule the world, often many arrogant folk among you remarked about other cultures seeking to make me into their image: Asian, Latino, and more…Yet, cherished ones, in both Love and fear it was you who began this charade for the sake of enshrining your culture with the God-given right to rule the world. Even your recent Pope, in his service so very beloved of me, in truth named himself not after Saint Francis of Assisi, as was reported, but after Saint Francis Borgia, a Jesuit, as was this Pope.

I am every single one of you, and all of you are within me. With Love Pure in your hearts, verily you knew this, hence, beyond the veil of the ego, the true reason why you made me into your image.

What joy!

My dear, precious ones, never for one single instant forget: my story, truly thine own, is not about one special person, anointed by God to be the savior of Humanity, in whom exceptional qualities crystallized, as you have been told. My story is the story of the entirety of Humanity. Each and every one of you is within this story, playing equally important transformational, Christic roles. My face is yours, my heart and growth and experiences the same. I am not special. As one, every single one of you is. Thus along the path of telling our story we appear in many different forms, woman and man and child, and for it to be properly told and realized, we find ourselves…everywhere.

Beloveds of my heart, truly the only thing you ever feared was your true power, your true identity; you only ever feared what you really are: Love. God. The time finally came to accept and embrace your true essence, and with such great joy so many of you have. And many more have not, still dashing themselves upon the rocks of suffering.

Through your wounds the Light came and healed you, yet you had to love yourself enough to gaze deeply within. When once and for all you loved and respected yourselves and your Mother and realized that I dwell within you, you loved and respected all else, healed, and thus rose. Your days as a caterpillar are over; now, at last, you become the butterfly, what truly you have always been, illuminated and free. And ever God holds you lovingly in Her hands, allowing you to fly.

I have shown you The Way. Now it is your turn. You are all the ones you have been waiting for.

I cherish you.

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